Visiting Myanmar Children’s Learning Centers at Mahachai

On 16th July, 2020 the director and Mobile Library team visited 6 of Myanmar Children’s Learning Centers at Mahachai in Samut Sakhon province to inquire about effecting from the Covid-19 that they faced to and coordinated about the activity that will be held in August.

The teachers found that the Myanmar families got trouble from Covid-19 situation and many families went back to Myanmar and couldn’t come to Thailand for now. The general schools opened on 1st of July but some of Myanmar Children’s Learning Centers opened school on 13th. Even though, the school is opened but the 50 percentage of students absent because their family members just came to Thailand and they must be quarantined at home for 14 days.

The director of Wat Sirimongkol school told that during the school closed, teachers visited all of students houses and found that the most of Myanmar family still stay in Thailand because if they go to Myanmar right now they were afraid of struck measure that did not allow them coming to work in Thailand. Presently, Myanmar was facing the same problem as Thailand.

The Myanmar people work for Frozen Food factory and frozen food was banned so families got half income of it and more than that some family hasn’t got any income. Their children did not get enough food and had thin body as the result. Some merely wait for when the school is opened to get their food.

At present, their school has been opened but many things has changed, did not the same as before. The province has issued new measure, especially to foreign workers. It is going to shut down the Learning Centers that is not permitted officially. Then the order will be effecting to the Myanmar Learning Centers.

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