The Effect from the Covid-19 Epidemic, 2020

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As the pandemic has spread  over in Thailand, it  effected   health’s population and number of sick cases were reported about  2,811 patients from Covid-19 (Data of 21st April, 2020). One of solution is the measure of Social Distancing, which is making people changing the way of lives.  For instance, working from home, reducing transportation or ordering food online. The government also issued measure to shut down many businesses in order to control the Corona virus such as the malls, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, schools, children care centers, etc.

This crisis effected to drivers, vendors and daily employees or part-time workers. They are working from hand to mouth.  As a case, one of the family, our sponsored child: Kamonporn Srisawang.

Kanokporn Srisawang is living in the Cheuplerng community area, there are 5 persons in her family, the father, the mother and sisters. The father works as a truck driver, he used to earn 10,000 Baht per month and the older sister worked as dentist assistant earning  10,000 per month but after the epidemic of Corona virus, the father only gets 6,000 Bath a month and the older sister had to stop working as the result of shut down ordering. Besides, Kanokporn is going to attend the university and her younger sister has to attend the Junior High school, so there will be costly more expenses of  the  family while they earn a little income. The family is facing the financial difficulty and waiting for some helps.