Sponsorship Ceremony, Sikkha Asia Foundation, 2020

After Covid-19 epidemic in Thailand, it effected to many ways, especially the education, and all  schools were  postponed to open. Generally  the school has to open in May but changed to open in July.  The teachers have to set up a new structure of learning by adding the social distancing measure as the way of life, students   must  take a seat  keeping farer space from  each other and before school re-opened the students have to attend lessons  via online at home. When the school opens , their parents have to pay for semester fee, school uniforms, stationery and etc.

Sikkha Asia Foundation realized the need of student’s family after school opened, then we held this Sponsorship Ceremony, 2020 for 1st semester  on 18th of July, 2020 at Sikkha Asia Klong Toey Foundation office. It was honor that Mr. Masashi Ono (Chairman of Takikawa Welfare Foundation) is coming  to be the chairperson of  our event. In addition Mr.Miyazaki Katsura, the director of Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) and Ms. Misa Takaki, First Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Thailand join the event.

Moreover, Nikon company, the supporter of Sponsorship Project sent the graduation letter to the sponsored students, and there were  former  sponsored students Uthai Puboonlab Kunaselarn and D.R. Rungnapha KamEung sent their congratulation video to the students  who are receiving scholarship today.

Sikkha Asia Foundation has granted 42 scholarships to students who are living in the slum area. There are 23 persons for Junior High school, 15 persons for High School and 4 persons for University.

Sikkha Asia Foundation is very  grateful to all of guests that participate the Sponsorship Ceremony in this time. We believe this event will be encouraging students to pay attention to their study and we wish them reaching  their goals and being a good person in society.