Providing Survival bags to members of Klong Toey Community Library

Sikkha Asia foundation provided the survival bags to the families’ members of Klong Toey Community Library, those are affected from Covid-19. There are masks, instant noodles, canned fish, washing liquid and necessary things in daily life inside the bag. We also provided milk and snacks for the family who has kids.

Areeya’s family (Yon), age 13 years. one of the families whom got the survival bag. She is the member of Community Library and often come to borrow the story books. She said “When the Community Library closed, she was very lonely because she had to stay at home all day and couldn’t go anywhere but just only go to buy food at the market” Her family is a Cambodian, there are father, mother, 15-year-old elder brother and 1-year-old younger baby. They live in Klong Toey Slum, Lock 123 community. They rent the small house and must stay in the narrow  place. The father is a laborer, normally he earned 500 Baht a day but now he gets lower income and some day he has no work. The father said to his children “You should save money as much as possible, I don’t know how long we have food like this”.

Areeya told us, the father is the bread winner of the family because  the mother has to look after the baby and the elder brother is unhealthy (he is suffering from  Asthma).  Areeya was happy that Sikkha Asia foundation helped her family, she was also grateful for all supporters and if there is something to repay supporters she is willing to do it.

We believe that there are a lot of families who effected from the Covid-19 epidemic and waiting for helpers.  If you want to help them you can donate rice and dry food to these poor people and if you want to donate the money please transfer to Bangkok Bank, Kluainamthai Branch, Account Name Sikkha Asia Foundation and Account Number is 117-4-53972-4 or contact us 02-249-7567