Nursery school project

‘Sikkha Asia nursery school’ was established in 2004 after an important fire, which occured in Suanplu slum, Bangkok.

The purpose of the school is to encourage slum kids to get fundamental education, provide assistance and child caring while parents work.

Sikkha’s nursery school always tries to use the best education method possible such as ‘Montessori method’. From the age of two-half, children are able to study in our establishment.

Kids spend their time in school in reading pictorial books, watching puppet shows, and experiencing traditional Thai cultures’ activities.
They learn basic knowledge and understanding, creativity and responsibility thanks to these activities.

Sikkha’s school offers tuition waiver program to parents who can’t afford to pay tuition fees. Therefore, the NGO does its best to provide educational opportunities to all children in the slum area.

Underprivileged children get access to fundamental education. Also, it releases the financial burden of education for the parents.

Nursery school’s teachers and volunteers are trained by Thai or Japanese experts to offer the best education for children. Sikkha regularly evaluates teachers.

So far, the NGO has built and managed 4 schools as below:

  • Ban Saengsai nursery school, Payao prefecture 85 kids
  • Ban Shantisuk nursery school, Payao prefecture 70 kids
  • Ban Swai nursery school, Surin prefecture 200 kids
  • Ban Paeyoi nursery school, Phang Nga prefecture 20 kids

The above 4 nursery schools have transferred to local government agencies, and Sikkha offers teaching training to government employees.

The organization strongly supports regional and local communities to become independent from external aids. Therefore, Sikkha carries out projects in this perspective to complement residents’ needs.

Nowadays, the NGO has one kindergarten in Suanplu, which is financially supported by Sathon district, and residential committees are involved in managing the kindergarten.

Sikkha Asia Foundation will renovate the kindergarten in Tak prefecture in the near future.