Dormitory project

Children living in rural areas hardly have access to school, as their homes are isolated in remote area.
Therefore, many kids can’t go to school by walk and don’t even have the opportunity to get primary education.
In order to enable many children to access to school, the foundation set-up student dormitory.
Dormitory emphasizes on children’s studying, communication, civil and leadership abilities through extracurricular activities, as for example: rice planting, raising livestock and cultivating farm plants.
In addition, residents take part in volunteer and cultural activities such as storytelling and puppet show for kids.
The dormitory called “Shanti dormitory” was established in Pong County in 1997, and it is still managed by our foundation.

About 50 junior-high school students from minority ethnic are leading their lives in the dormitory, getting supports including scholarships, and students are selected by foundation’s standard.
Along with the country development, education has been improved since Sikkha’s foundation opened dormitories. Therefore, two of NGO’s dormitories are no longer needed for kids.