A second distribution of daily necessities to residents of Samut Sakhon Province

On 3 March 2021, the Board of Directors of Sikkha Asia Foundation distributed rice, food, and hand sanitizers at six educational institutions in Samut Sakhon Province.


St.Ann Catholic Center For Migrants (ACCM), Marist Center For Migrants (MCM), and St.Joachim Catholic Center For Migrants (JCCM) are attended by children from migrant families. These centers serve around 400 Mon and Karen ethnic groups from Myanmar and children from Cambodia.

The other location is the “Learning Centre for Myanmar Migrant Workers’ at Wat Simueang Temple”, which has 70 children. The students are taught in Myanmar’s education system so that they can continue their studies in Myanmar when they back to their home country in the future. However, many of the children drop out of school due to financial reasons at the age of 15 and start to work in factories.


The next one is the Mon lighting center, which takes in 200 Mon children from Myanmar. The Teachers of this center visited the families and distributed daily necessities. The last facility is the Rac Thai Centre that has 160 children from Myanmar migrant workers’ families. During the second wave of Covid-19, the foundation members visited total eight educational facilities in Samut Sakhon Province to distribute daily necessities. Children from about 1200 families study at these places. While some parents were infected with the coronavirus, fortunately, their children were tested negative for the covid-19.


The number of new cases in Samut Sakhon Province is stable, public schools are expected to reopen on 8 March 2021. However, these centers are still considered high risk of infection, thus, reopen day is pushed back to April.

We appreciate the financial support from The Sikkha Fund in the UK. We would like to thank them for their contribution.