Community library project

Sikkha Asia Foundation believes that children learn, acquire new knowledge and boost their originalities by reading books.

The library plays an important role as community center. The entire staff of Sikkha Asia Foundation welcomes children to use the facilities available. Sikkha’s team selects and recommends books to people coming to the library.
The NGO wishes to become not only a place of getting knowledge but also an entertaining place by providing amusing activities like recreation and storytelling activities.
The library contains a book corner for children’s parents and a room for playing with toys. Besides, the library provides music, art and Thai traditional activities to inherit traditional customs of the Thai culture.
Thanks to the library’s activities, the foundation has played a fundamental role in keeping children away from drugs. Kids grow up in a friendly and safe environment. They learn the sense of responsibility and discipline while using the NGO’s facilities.
The foundation provides training program to outside library staffs. Aiso Sikkha develops educational materials , with the help of library staffs, and education experts, for teachers in Bangkok or other prefectures. Nowadays, the organization manages two community libraries.
・Klongtoey community library – Klongtoey, Bangkok
・Chuaphlung community library – Yannawar, Bangkok

Seven of Sikkha’s libraries have been transferred to government agencies and have been offered dedicated training for managing libraries:

  • Chiang khan library, Chiang khan county Loei  prefecture
  • Ban Swai library, Mueang county Surin prefecture
  • Ban Phutiew library, Takuapa county Phang Nga prefecture
  • Wat SamakkeeTham library, Kuraburee county Phang Nga prefecture
  • Ban NaiRai library, Thai Muang county Phang Nga prefecture
  • Saeng Sai learning center, Pong county Payao prefecture
  • Suan Plu community library, Sathorn district Bangkok

The organization strongly supports regions and local communities to become independent from external aids. Many of Sikkha’s projects work in this perspective of complementing residents’ needs.

Klongtoey community library
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Close: Monday and Sunday